Big ballot numbers in Daviess County so far as election looms near

Big ballot numbers in Daviess County so far as election looms near

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - It’s the 11th day of early voting in Kentucky, and the Daviess County Clerk says nearly 15,000 people have come out to vote early so far.

Officials say this is an unprecedented number.

Between the county’s two early voting locations, one at the Daviess County Courthouse and the other at the former Burkes Outlet store at Towne Square Mall, voters have until November 2 to cast their ballot early.

County Clerk Leslie McCarty says although a bit stressful, the process has been extremely smooth.

“It’s pretty stressful, we do about 1,500 people a day between both locations and it’s constant,” McCarty said. "There’s not a huge lull, so I think that kind of lack of a break wears people out a little bit, but then it’s good at the same time because then you have that big number come out and vote and have their voice heard. So it’s both like a catch-22 - it’s good and it’s bad.”

There’s a common theme among voters. It’s to get out and vote.

“I just think this is probably the most important election we’ve ever had," one early voter said. “And I just hope people will get out and vote.”

With an election happening during the middle of a pandemic, voters say that long lines and safety precautions weren’t even an issue.

“It was real simple," another voter said. “I mean you walked in, did the same thing you always do, and then you wait for a minute or two, booth opened up, I voted and I’m out here now.”

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