Ballot box removed at one Daviess Co. location

Ballot box removed at one Daviess Co. location

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The Daviess County Clerk’s Office sent out a press release Friday morning alerting voters that the ballot drop-off box at the former Burke’s Outlet at Towne Square will be removed to stop voter confusion.

It’s unclear if two votes dropped there will be counted.

As of Saturday, 14,978 people came out to vote early in Daviess County, with more people voting by mail this year.

Because of the pandemic, several drop box locations are available for absentee ballots.

“Those drop boxes are at Doodle Bugs Market in Knottsville, Whitesville City Hall, here at the courthouse, the County Operations Center, Western Kentucky University Owensboro location, and the Public Library,” Leslie Mccarty, the Daviess County Clerk said.

Originally with seven locations, the clerk’s office says they’ve had to remove a location to avoid voter confusion.

“We had sent out a press release about the ballot drop box at the Burke’s location. Apparently, there was some confusion about where the scanners for the ballots are. So the scanners are on one side of the room, and the ballot box is at the very beginning. So, when people were coming in the entrance people would get their ballot, fill it out, and go to that ballot box, because they weren’t sure where the scanners were, and put their ballot in the ballot box, and that’s not where that goes. It’s supposed to be scanned,” Mccarty said.

Officials say, since that ballot box has been removed, they had two ballots dropped there.

Posing the question, what happens to those votes?

The county attorney will decide.

“So I don’t know how the county attorney will advise on that, but the board will meet next Tuesday at 8:30 in the morning to make a decision on those ballots. But that’s why we pulled that box out of there. We don’t want that to continually happen,” Richard House, the Chief Deputy Clerk said.

Officials say the decision lies with the county attorney, but the issue remains that those two votes don’t have a signature on them. so there’s no way to tell who filled them out.

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