Owensboro BLM marches for ‘National Day of Justice’

Owensboro BLM marches for ‘National Day of Justice’

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Members of Black Lives Matter in Owensboro held a march on Thursday for “National Day of Justice.”

The group recently met with local leaders to discuss issues from the Breonna Taylor case to homelessness in the city.

People brought signs, but also remembered to wear their face masks.

“Something that we’re fighting for is definitely against racial injustice," organizer Mandy Roby said. "We do know that there’s two different justice systems - there’s one for people of color, and there’s one for white people, and we want to end that type of system.”

The group started at the public defender’s office, walked towards Kendall Perkins Park and then to Corbin’s Cross.

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