Several Western KY counties remain in ‘red zone’

2 new COVID-19 deaths reported in local KY counties; 72 new cases in Green River District

Several Western KY counties remain in ‘red zone’

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear gave a coronavirus update at 3 p.m.

Governor Beshear announced that due to a COVID-19 escalation, the Commonwealth has renewed state surge preparations, including reviewing plans about the capacity in hospitals, examining possible hotel options, if needed, as well as the use of state parks. The state is also ensuring operational plans are in place to stand up a field hospital, if necessary.

“Our cases continue to go up, our hospitalization continues to go up and we continue to see more people in the ICU. And if we can’t get everybody’s buy-in and we can’t get more people doing the right thing each and every day, my concern is that we are going to experience a real surge that we must avoid,” said Gov. Beshear. “But if we’re going to face it, I want you to know that we are spending our time getting prepared.”

Indiana is now on Kentucky’s travel advisory list. Governor Beshear says it’s due, in part, to the high positivity rate across the Hoosier state. Meanwhile, some Western Kentucky counties remain in the critical red zone according to a new White House report.

The travel advisory is not a mandate, but more-so a warning. The Governor is asking people not to cross that state line if it’s not necessary.

The White House report shows Henderson and Union Counties are in red while Daviess and Hopkins Counties are a step below in orange.

“Wish it would be over, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon," shared Ethan Gaines. "But we can do things to try to slow down the amount of spread that is going on in the community and I guess country as a whole.”

According to the White House, 70% of the state is seeing moderate to significant community spread.

“It’s a little scary just going out knowing you could get it wherever you go,” added Gaines.

The Governor spoke about Western Kentucky, specifically mentioning how those who live near the border may cross state lines for work or shopping.

“If you have to go to a state that is on the travel advisory, just be extra careful," stated Governor Beshear. "I need you to be extra careful now, but just thank about all the extra things you want to do while you’re there.”

Anyone who visits an area on the travel advisory is requested to quarantine. If a person refuses, the Governor is asking them to get tested.

Gov. Beshear is reporting 1,312 new positive cases and 16 new COVID-19 deaths. He says 144 of those new cases are ages 18 or younger.

You can watch it live below.

On Tuesday, the Green River District Health Department reported one new coronavirus death and 72 additional cases.

Of those new cases, 20 are in Daviess County, 14 in Henderson County, 11 in McLean County, 10 in Ohio County, six in both Hancock and Webster counties, and five new cases in Union County.

Green River health officials say the COVID-19 related death was a resident of Daviess County.

The district has had a total of 4,594 confirmed cases in the district. Officials say 3,760 people have recovered.

The Hopkins County Health Department reported another person died of COVID-19 and 15 more have tested positive. Since the start of the pandemic, the county has had 949 total cases. The health department’s dashboard shows that 699 people have recovered from the virus.

Hopkins County currently has 208 active cases.

The Muhlenberg County Health Department is reporting five new coronavirus cases.

Here are the all-time totals of confirmed positive cases and deaths in our area of Kentucky:

  • Daviess Co. - 1,785 cases, 27 deaths, 1,580 recovered
  • Muhlenberg Co. - 952 cases, 14 deaths, 840 recovered
  • Hopkins Co. - 949 cases, 42 deaths, 699 recovered
  • Ohio Co. - 584 cases, 9 deaths, 494 recovered
  • Henderson Co. - 1,200 cases, 24 deaths, 873 recovered
  • Webster Co. - 282 cases, 5 deaths, 228 recovered
  • McLean Co. - 150 cases, 3 deaths, 103 recovered
  • Union Co. - 481 cases, 6 deaths, 395 recovered
  • Hancock Co. - 112 cases, 1 death, 87 recovered

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