Amy McGrath makes campaign stop in Hancock Co.

Amy McGrath makes campaign stop in Hancock Co.

HANCOCK CO., Ky (WFIE) - With the election only two weeks away, Amy McGrath was campaigning in Hancock County Tuesday afternoon.

McGrath flew into the Hancock County airport at three p.m.

During her speech, she spoke about what she sees as the most crucial issues facing Kentucky: affordable prescription drug prices and healthcare, infrastructure, including what she calls 21st-century infrastructure, meaning to get better internet access to school children in more rural parts of the state.

“There’s so many things in Kentucky that we haven’t been doing well,” said McGrath. “We have a senator that represents us. I’m somebody that’s served this country. I’m somebody that’s going to always put my country and political party and frankly, I’m somebody that understands what it’s like to get the job done.”

McGrath says that if elected, a top priority will be the implementation of term limits so there can’t be any more career politicians.

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