EVSC doesn’t plan to go to e-learning anytime soon

EVSC doesn’t plan to go to e-learning anytime soon

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) -EVSC officials are squashing some rumors going around.

“I want to tell everyone now - unequivocally - as we sit here on Friday afternoon, we are not planning on going to e-learning anytime soon,” said Superintendent Dr. David Smith.

Dr. Smith went on to explain the school does have a plan in place, should it need to make the switch to e-learning.

He thinks, perhaps, the rumors that the switch is coming soon may come as the finer details of that plan are being hammered out.

That process involves speaking to a number of different people, including local leaders, about when that switch could, and should, take place. But Dr. Smith says leaders agree - right now is not that time.

“I have daily conversatiosn with not only our local governmental officials, but also our healthcare experts, and we are so blessed to have outstanding healthcare in Evansville and southwestern Indiana. But they have assured me that there is absolutely no reason, in their view, for the EVSC to go to an e-learning approach at this point in time,” said Dr. Smith.

Dr. Smith says the EVSC continues to monitor the trend in numbers on a daily basis, in an effort to make sure the corporation is ready should a need to switch to e-learning arise.

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