Senator Mitch McConnell stops in Henderson

Senator Mitch McConnell stops in Henderson

HENDERSON, Ky. (WFIE) - Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made a stop in Henderson on Thursday.

He met with officials from Henderson Community College to highlight how the CARES Act has helped the school and the county during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Henderson County received more than $23 million from the CARES Act.

McConnell says he’s hoping to pass a half trillion dollar stimulus bill that will focus on education, healthcare and the PPP program.

“My members think what we laid out, a half a trillion dollars highly targeted, is the best way to go," McConnell said. “So that’s what I’m going to put on the floor, is what Senate Republicans, 52 of 53 of us, feel like is an appropriate response. There were discussions between the Secretary of Treasury and the Speaker about a higher amount. That’s not what I’m going to put on the floor.”

The Senate is set to vote on that bill next week.

His challenger in the race for Kentucky Senate, Amy McGrath, made a stop in Owensboro last week.

She’ll be at an event in Madisonville on Friday.

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