Daviess Co. witnessing high turnout from in-person voting

Daviess Co. witnessing high turnout from in-person voting

DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Kentucky’s early in-person voting continues, and Daviess County is seeing a big voter turnout thus far.

“Oh, I’m early voting. I wouldn’t miss a chance," 95-year-old voter Mary Beller said. “I think it’s a very personal thing. I want to be present at something that I have the right to do.”

On Tuesday and Wednesday, voters waited in lines out the door at the Daviess County Courthouse and Towne Square Mall, forcing election officials to add more poll workers and a second check-in station to the courthouse.

“It’s just moving right along," Beller said “It’s really not long to wait.”

However, voter turnout was steady on Thursday with waits up to 10 minutes long.

“It was very quick for me today," voter Jazmin Fulkerson said. “Probably like five minutes altogether. I’m also very conscious about coronavirus, so I was like maybe early voting will be less people.”

Fulkerson wants her vote to count.

“Well, I think as a young voter and a person of color, it’s really important to me to get out and vote and have my say,” Fulkerson said.

With a whopping voter turnout, election officials are encouraging people to head to the voting site at Towne Square Mall during the week for its parking, social distancing and wait times.

“I want the world to know that I think it’s very important for everyone to vote,” Beller said.

Early in-person voting in Daviess County ends on November 2.

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