Popular giraffe at Mesker Park Zoo passes away

Popular giraffe at Mesker Park Zoo passes away

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Unfortunate news from Mesker Park Zoo on Wednesday afternoon.

In a social media post, the zoo announced that popular Giraffe “Kiah” has passed away.

Zoo officials tell 14 News that Kiah was 29-years-old, living nearly a decade passed the median life expectancy of a typical giraffe.

The zoo says that Kiah had a procedure to give her some quality of life improvements on Wednesday.

After the initial procedure was successful, officials realized that her age was taking a huge toll on Kiah’s life, and the zoo decided to humanely euthanize her.

Kiah had been at Mesker Park Zoo since 1994.

“Everybody that’s worked here for the most part has had their entire careers be around Kiah the giraffe," Erik Beck, executive director of the Mesker Park Zoo said. "And we only have a few animals that are like that. That are that long lived and that stationary - that don’t move around to other zoos. She’s pretty special.”

Mesker Park Zoo also unexpectedly lost another giraffe “Kizzie” earlier this year.

Zoo officials say they will continue to look for new giraffes to accompany their 3-year-old female giraffe Clementine.

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