Henderson Co. Schools go virtual due to positive COVID-19 cases

Henderson Co. Schools go virtual due to positive COVID-19 cases

HENDERSON CO., Ky. (WFIE) - The rise in cases of coronavirus is having a major impact on schools in our area. Some have had to switch from in-person to other models due to positive cases.

School officials at Henderson County Schools tell us they are working around the clock to bring in information and get it out to both families and the state when it comes to COVID-19 cases. The information they collect determines if a school goes virtual.

This information goes to their school’s COVID-19 dashboard and it’s also information that the state of Kentucky is using for their own dashboard.

Originally, the school district was looking at COVID-19 cases every Thursday to make their decision on how schools will be handled for the following week, but last week they tell us the number of cases was just too high, and they had to make the call to go virtual this week.

“Last week was a little different because we had data on Thursday, but we also had an increase on Friday, so much that we had a press conference here locally, so we wanted to use all that information and data, to inform our decision," said Henderson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bob Lawson.

Officials say a donation of 275 WiFi hotspots from the Henderson County Educational Foundation for Excellence is helping their students get through this difficult time.

“It could mean that we do that with students who didn’t have internet access before for one reason or another," said Dr. Lawson. "It could be financial means or other means. But we know throughout this pandemic, and as we move through this school year, the need for virtual learning will become essential.”

At last check, Henderson County Schools has 19 total active cases and 14 active hybrid student cases. In all, the district has seen 48 cases since September 8.

Henderson County Schools aren’t the only ones going virtual, so are Mt. Vernon Schools.

Officials say they’ll be online for the next two weeks due to staff quarantines and lack of substitutes. Students will return to in-person classes on Monday, October 26.

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