Evansville businesses prepare for restrictions ahead of new executive order

Evansville businesses prepare for restrictions ahead of new executive order

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - We’re less than a week away from Evansville’s new order requiring any gathering of more than 125 people to be approved by the health department.

For some businesses like Ziemer Funeral Home, adjustments were made earlier in the pandemic. They don’t necessarily change, but they could be flexible if a large gathering could occur at the funeral home.

For others, the pandemic and the executive order could continue to slow down business.

Chef Doug Rennie tells 14 News catering makes up about three-fourths of his business. Since the executive order was announced, he’s already lost an event that was canceled.

“People are concerned about that. Will I get approved? Great! Will I be not approved? And all of sudden they have to shorten their guest list. Which, how do you take a guest list and go down and leave a family member out? Or leave one of their special friends out. So they decided, you know, I’m not going to fool with it,” said Rennie.

He’s concerned that more cancellations could follow.

“Doing the best we can! We’ll survive it, but it will be tough,” said Rennie.

Daniel Ziemer of Ziemer Funeral Homes tells us funerals of more than 125 are rare. But he says they can accommodate in different ways if need be.

“If we would have to use a smaller location, limit the number of people. We have several different ways that we can video the service," said Ziemer. "Play it either on our website, Facebook Live and encourage people to participate in that fashion.”

It’s an option that comes at no extra charge and Ziemer says half of the services they’d have since the pandemic began have utilized it.

“It’s just a very good way that we can encourage families to be together with personally or online and participate in the funeral service,” said Ziemer.

The executive order takes place on October 19.

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