2 days worth of COVID-19 tests in Dubois Co. temporarily lost

2 days worth of COVID-19 tests in Dubois Co. temporarily lost

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The Dubois County Health Department says two days of COVID-19 tests got temporarily lost earlier this month.

The people were tested on October 1 and 2. Some may not get their results until Tuesday, up to 13 days after being tested.

The Dubois County Health Department tells us this mix up was out of their control. They handle the COVID-19 testing, but the results are handled by the state.

Samples from tests conducted on October 1 and 2 were put in a cooler and picked up by a state-hired courier to be taken to a laboratory.

That lab was closed when the courier got there so the cooler was placed in a warehouse for storage. The next morning, the cooler was picked up, but it was then delivered to the wrong lab.

This is what health officials say caused a delay in people finding out their results.

Dubois Health Department Administrative Director, Shawn Werner, tells 14 News even though it could not have been prevented on his end, the potential ramifications in the community are concerning.

“There’s a lot of things that are, unfortunately, obviously those people are sitting at home. Lost wages because they can’t go back to work. A lot of the people, when they get tested, we highly recommend that they stay home till they get their results and numerous people that we’ve talked to have gone to work, gone on vacation, and gone to do things that, you know, they should’ve really been at home,” said Werner.

Werner tells us that most of those samples have been run, and those affected have been notified of their results. He says all the results should be completed by Tuesday.

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