Non-profits making money through food booth sales despite no fall festival

Non-profits making money through food booth sales despite no fall festival

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The West Side Nut Club Fall Festival has been a tradition in Evansville for almost 100 years, so it’s definitely strange to not see food booths and rides along Franklin Street this year.

“Evansville loves the fall festival,” Marcia Frey, parishioner at St. Joe Catholic Church said. “So it’s important to us as a non-profit, as well as the citizens around the area.”

“We usually come down every year,” frequent fall festival attendee Laurie Freeman said. “So we’re missing seeing everyone, running into friends.”

Without the food booths and the appetites of the capacity crowds walking up and down Franklin Street, non-profit organizations like St. Joseph and West Side Catholic Churches might feel some of the negative financial effects. This is because several of these places rely on the income they receive from their food booth sales at the festival. So much so, many organizations practically factor their sales into their annual budgets.

“The proceeds from this helps offset book fees," Frey said. "So the more money we raise from this, the less money the parents have to supply funds for the books.”

This is why multiple organizations went ahead and put up their food booths this week, trying to make up some of the lost sales.

[See a full list of booths here]

“We just going to be here three days, but we’ve been extremely busy today, and I’m encouraged by the people still coming out and supporting all the non-profit organizations that are down here," Frey said. “So it’s going to be way down, but people are still digging in their pockets.”

“We are very happy to be here, and help them and get the good food," Freeman said. “But I know a lot of the organizations depend on this week for their whole year’s budget and we don’t mind standing in line for a good cause.”

These booths at West Side Catholic Church will be open Friday and Saturday.

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