Local IN counties seeing large number of early voters

Local IN counties seeing large number of early voters

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Early voting in Vanderburgh County started on Tuesday, and the county clerk says they have already had more than 1,100 people stop by the office to cast their ballot.

14 News reached out to other local county election offices.

Officials say they are also seeing higher numbers than previous elections.

14 News also spoke to county officials about any issues they have encountered.

With a record-breaking number of absentee ballot requests for this upcoming election, officials say mistakes are bound to happen.

“Mistakes do happen - of course, we’re all human," Warrick County Election Board President Andrew Skinner said. “And on occasion, there may be a ballot that signatures may be seen, or initials may be missing.”

Signatures and initials are two things to keep a close eye on for those voting by mail.

“When an absentee ballot is sent out, there has been an application that a voter has signed stating a reason as to why they want to vote by mail, and that application they’ve submitted to us is kept,” Skinner said.

This means the signature on the original application will be compared to the signature on the ballot to verify the voter’s identity.

“Where we do run into problems is when people forget to sign the ballot envelope all together, there’s no signature at all," Skinner said. “That’s when we unfortunately have to reject the ballot since we don’t have a signature from the voter that it is indeed their ballot.”

Every ballot should also have initials from two members of an absentee board.

“If a voter does get a ballot in the mail and they do not have the two initials on the bottom, then they should call the election office and they can send a new ballot out to them," Skinner said.

Counties across Indiana have recorded a higher number of absentee ballot applications.

As of Thursday, Vanderburgh County has received 12,894 absentee ballot requests so far. Warrick County now has 4,500 applications.

Spencer County has seen 1,725 absentee ballot requests, followed by Gibson County with 1,495 applications. Posey County has more than 1,300, while Pike and Perry Counties have slightly over 1,000 requests.

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