Prayer service held at Redbanks facility in Henderson

Prayer service held at Redbanks facility in Henderson

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As a COVID-19 outbreak continues at the Henderson Redbanks Skilled Nursing Facility, concerned residents gathered for a prayer service Wednesday.

“There’s been an outbreak of COVID-19 here,” said Mary Fuller, a daughter of someone inside the Redbanks Skilled Nursing Facility.

People gathered in prayer outside the Henderson Redbanks Skilled Nursing Facility.

“My message today is to pay attention to what’s going on around you. Do your very, very best not to spread the virus,” said Fuller.

Mary Fuller’s mother is one of the 65 residents battling coronavirus at this nursing home. The last time she saw her mom was in March.

“There was a time when we could come and visit but I chose not to because she is an Alzheimer’s patient and it would confuse her to see me with my mask on when I was trying to talk to her, and I don’t believe she would recognize me,” said Fuller.

55 staff members who work at this facility are also fighting off COVID-19. And seven residents have died from the virus.

“I hate wearing masks, I’m just like everybody else. I hate wearing masks, but we need to wear our mask, we need to protect each other,” said Fuller.

Fuller says she puts her faith in God, praying her mom continues to show minimal COVID-19 symptoms and beats the virus.

“If we had more people falling on their knees instead of getting up and complaining about the whole thing, I think we’d be a lot better off,” said Fuller.

Over in Webster County at the Redbanks Colonial Terrace, there is also a COVID-19 outbreak. According to the state, 28 residents and 10 staff have active cases.

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