Daviess Co. schools discuss plans if county enters ‘red zone’

Daviess Co. schools discuss plans if county enters ‘red zone’

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Daviess County is on the verge of entering the COVID-19 red zone, although it remains in the orange. We have new information about how this could impact schools.

All three school districts are on fall break this week. Owensboro Public Schools start in-person learning classes Monday.

However, Owensboro Public Schools say they had a brief meeting Tuesday morning about what they would do in the event if Daviess County falls into the red zone.

“Getting into the red is obviously going to make a decision tough for school districts across the state,” said Jared Revlett, Owensboro Public Schools public information officer.

If a county is considered ‘red’ by the state, there are more than 25 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people daily.

In the red zone, the state recommends suspending in-person learning for the following week. Extracurricular activities and sports should also be suspended.

“We’ve seen it in a couple of other areas where school districts. Their counties have gone into the red and they’ve continued to stay in person. So that is potentially an option,” said Revlett.

Owensboro Catholic Schools says if Daviess County goes red, they’ll evaluate the situation. Then, they’ll make a decision if in-person learning should continue. Right now, they say the protocols they have in place are working.

Daviess County Schools say if they choose to make changes, they’ll inform people by Monday.

“We’re going to take a look very closely at the numbers and where they’re coming from and what they’re doing. Have conversations with not only the health department but other school districts here in our community,” said Revlett.

Under the red zone, schools can continue essential student support services including meals, student engagement, and special education services. Schools may bring small groups of students into the building to receive targeted services that supplement learning.

“Our current plan right now is to stay the course and be in person on October 12,” said Revlett.

According to the state of Kentucky, a community must return to an Orange, Yellow, or Green Level before in-person learning can start back up.

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