Kentucky nursing homes see rise in COVID-19 cases

The CDC says COVID-19 will be a Top 10 leading cause of death for 2020. Data from 2018, the...
The CDC says COVID-19 will be a Top 10 leading cause of death for 2020. Data from 2018, the most recent year available, indicates the virus will rank third behind heart disease and cancer.(Source: CDC via CNN)
Published: Oct. 6, 2020 at 7:28 AM CDT
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HENDERSON, Ky (WFIE) - Record-breaking COVID-19 case numbers continue across the Bluegrass State.

Locally, there’s been a spike in case numbers, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The biggest message from health officials is the three W’s. Health officials say it’s crucial that people wear a mask, wash their hands, and watch your distance. They believe that if people really focus on doing this, then they’ll see these numbers go down.

“There some cases, I think three, that were associated with long term care facilities,” said Clay Horton, the Green River District Public Health Director.

In Henderson at Redbanks Skilled Nursing Facility, 73 residents and 56 staff have coronavirus.

At their facility in Webster County, 28 residents and 10 staff have active cases.

“The numbers that we’re reporting out you can’t tie back to just one facility," said Horton. “We’re seeing it in multiple counties.”

Green River Public Health Director Clay Horton says when there’s a higher rate of spread in the community, there’s more of a risk of the virus to spread to long term care and nursing home facilities.

“It’s making the problem worse, but it’s not what is causing the problem,” said Horton.

Green River District Health Department says there were also three new deaths in the district.

“What we’re seeing in these numbers is not enough people are doing those things. Some people are doing a great job,” said Horton.

Horton says he doesn’t want people to panic from seeing an increase in numbers, but he does want people to acknowledge it and think twice about what they’re doing.

Redbanks tells 14 News they employ staff from many surrounding counties and this certainly could have contributed to the increase we began experiencing here shortly afterwards. Both facilities are completing routine weekly testing again this week.

Here is a statement from Redbanks:

“Both facilities are very committed to our residents and staff. We are working closely with the local health dept and state Dept of Public Health to make sure we are doing everything possible. We appreciate all the community support.”

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