Kentucky voter registration deadline approaches

Kentucky voter registration deadline approaches

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - Kentucky’s early voting begins on October 13, but there are some deadlines approaching that you need to know if you want your vote to count.

The deadline to register to vote is next week on October 5, and then those mail-in ballot applications are due by that Friday, October 9.

Kentuckians can begin placing their vote as early as October 13. In Henderson County, there are two locations where you can do that.

“The hours for early voting are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. every day. And on Saturdays, it is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. So, the three Saturdays before Election Day, that is when we’ll be open for early voting," Renesa Abner, the Henderson County Clerk said. “All our voting locations are, anyone no matter where you live can go to any location. Whatever is more convenient for you. So, whatever you work closer to or live closer to, you can go to those and vote. It doesn’t matter.”

The county clerk stresses the importance of the safety precautions that will be in place if you’re voting in person.

“The early voting locations and on Election Day we will have shields. We will also have all the CDC guidelines in place, distancing, and PPE is in use, masks. And we ask that the voters wear masks as well,” Abner said.

Abner says mail-in requests are being processed every day and that deadline is approaching as well.

“October the 9th is the last day you can apply for that mail-in ballot. So you just go to and request that there. That’s also the location where you can check the status of your ballot and if it’s been returned to us,” Abner said.

And in Kentucky, ballots have two constitutional amendments that the county clerk encourages voters to look at before going to vote to cut down on time.

“They’re very lengthy, so it would be a great idea for voters to go online and look at the sample ballot and read through those amendments. It’ll just cut down on the time when they vote early or on Election Day,” Abner said.

You can cast your vote early for this election starting next week in Indiana.

In Indiana, early voting starts October 6.

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