Voting plans in place ahead of election in Daviess Co.

Voting plans in place for Daviess Co.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s National Voter Registration Day. County officials have released its Election Day and voting plans.

Election Day is 42 days away, and Daviess County officials say they’re ready to go.

The Convention Center, Owensboro Sports Complex, and Owensboro Christian Church are some of the places people can go vote on Election Day.

At these locations, officials say social distancing will be maintained, and areas will be sanitized.

“We chose the specific voting center locations because of their size, their ample parking. They all had an entrance and exit that the public could go out of,” said Leslie McCarty, the Daviess Co. Clerk.

Unlike in previous years, Schools will not be used as voting locations.

County officials say they chose this because of COVID safety precautions. Most schools are on an A-B rotating schedule, and there wouldn’t be enough time to deep clean the building.

For those who don’t want to head to the polls, you can either vote early or do mail-in absentee voting.

“Definitely look at the directions when you get your ballot packet to make sure you sign the inner envelope, the out envelope. And that your signature is pretty close to your driver’s license,” said McCarty.

Mail-in absentee voting is happening now. If someone chooses this option, they can place their ballot in a drop-box around town or mail it in. Early voting starts in October.

County officials ask that if someone is voting early, do not request an absentee ballot.

“If you have requested an absentee ballot and decide later you want to vote in person, you have to bring that ballot to the courthouse that way it can be properly canceled,” said McCarty.

Daviess County officials say if someone is sending in an absentee ballot, make sure it’s postmarked Nov. 3rd so it makes deadline.

If someone is concerned about their vote being counted, officials say there’s actually a tracking device on the ballots to track where the ballot is and if someone has already voted.

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