COVID-19 transparency in EVSC schools

COVID-19 transparency in EVSC schools

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Some EVSC parents continue to express their concerns about transparency when it comes to COVID-19.

At Monday’s school board meeting, teachers wanted to be heard as well.

It’s important to note that at EVSC’s meeting, public comment was not granted in front of the board. However, members did express there are teachers and employees within the EVSC that feel out of the loop when it comes to COVID-19 in schools.

Superintendent Dr. David Smith answered some of those concerns saying the EVSC follows guidelines handed down by the Indiana State Teachers Association.

He also stated that in each school, there are groups called “COVID Teams” made up of a principal, assistant principal, social worker, school nurse and sometimes a secretary.

This group is responsible for making sure COVID guidelines are followed when a student tests positive, is symptomatic or a close contact.

“As to whether or not they’ve kept everybody in the school updated as to their processing protocol. I think that’s doubtful, that’s why I think we have a lot of misunderstanding, that’s also the reason that we’re going to be communicating this with all of our employees tomorrow," said Superintendent Dr. David Smith. "We will not release the names of any student or any employee who has a health condition - there’s the want to know and there’s the need to know. We promise everybody that those that need to know will know.”

EVSC bus drivers will also be made aware anytime a rider of theirs has tested positive or been exposed to COVID-19. Dr. Smith said in the past, bus video was looked at and not all drivers were made aware.

He also stated that EVSC employees can expect to receive more information Tuesday on COVID-19 protocols within each school.

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