Ohio Co. Schools return to in-person class Monday on hybrid schedule

Ohio Co. Schools return to in-person class Monday on hybrid schedule
Updated: Sep. 21, 2020 at 6:37 AM CDT
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OHIO CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Ohio County Schools start a hybrid schedule Monday morning, which means some students get to see their teachers in-person once again.

However, school will be different when these students come back to class for the first time since March.

They’ve been virtual so far, but that hybrid schedule kicks in Monday and is a bit different than the others we’ve talked about.

Students will go either Monday, Wednesday, every other Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday.

We caught up with the principal of Beaver Dam Elementary last week to see these changes. We went to the cafeteria, and we could see it was a lot different this year.

They have desks pointing in the same direction. Cafeteria workers will serve food and clean the desks when students are done. When a desk has been cleaned, another student will then come in to eat.

We also saw inside of a classroom where desks were spread apart and stickers were on the floor showing where kids should stand when it’s time to line up.

It’s been a long process but Principal Ginger Tichenor says she feels prepared.

“We have a plan in place to keep our kids and staff as safe as possible,” Tichenor said. “We feel very comfortable about that. We’ve been working hard with our staff to develop plans for every possible scenario that could come up, so we can keep everyone safe at school.”

Some of those plans include wearing masks at all times unless eating, having water bottles instead of water fountains, having desks spaced apart, but a big one is have assigned seating.

Whether students are in class or in the cafeteria, they have assigned seats, that way if someone tests positive for COVID-19, it’s easier for the health department to see who has been in close contact with that student.

Monday will be a day full of changes not only for students but for the teachers too.

When you think Kindergarten, you think a lot of hands-on learning, but that’s not the case for this year though.

Teacher Emily Brown says they removed their fun rug and spread out the desks. She’s used to putting the kids in groups and working closely with them, sometimes on the floor because they are little, but that had to change.

Students also won’t be able to go to their cubbies. Teachers will place and remove things in them for the students.

Despite the changes, Emily says she is just excited to bring the kids back to a classroom.

“With the little ones, it is just so crucial," She said. "I know so many times I’ve thought about doing my lessons and how different it would be if they were here in the classroom, and how I could make sure their level of understanding is so much better. So for the little ones, I feel like it’s crucial for them to have that social interaction with me too and their friends.”

Now the kids will be wearing their masks all day except for eating, but Principal Tichenor told us they have planned masks breaks where kids can go outside, spread apart, and take off that mask to breathe some fresh air.

Ohio Co. Schools return to in-person class Monday on hybrid schedule - part 2

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