Witnesses describe shooting reported Saturday at Jefferson Mall

Witnesses describe shooting reported Saturday at Jefferson Mall
Louisville Metro Police are currently investigating a shooting reported outside of the Jefferson Mall Saturday morning. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - People who came to the mall Saturday morning, ended up having to go into lockdown for several hours while Louisville Metro police pieced together what happened, looking for a suspect in a reported shooting.

MetroSafe confirmed that calls came in around 11:01 a.m. Saturday to the shooting reported at the Jefferson Mall in the Okolona neighborhood.

In a cell phone video sent in by viewer Debby Miller; a trail with drops of blood visible on the white tile inside the mall.

“I saw crowds running, baby cups on the floor, glass everywhere,” Lauren Diehl said.

Diehl works inside the mall and right across where the shooting happened.

The cellphone video shows what Diehl described while she was on the clock. Diehl said it was a striking, shocking work shift she’ll always have to live with.

“I heard five shots fire off, at this point my ears are ringing,” Diehl said. “My nerves were pretty bad, I felt sick all morning.”

Police said the shooting happened inside the mall, at a store across from where Diehl works.

LMPD worked the crime scene outside, where investigators said one person was taken to the hospital.

That person is expected to survive the shooting. Police say all parties involved in the shooting are accounted for.

Police tape was wrapped around a white Chevy Sedan, set to be towed away.

Diehl’s boyfriend, Gage Brown, went to visit her at work. By pure luck, Brown was there to help Diehl and the rest of the customers at her store to safety.

“Once I heard the shots, I was focused on grabbing her, going to the back and grabbing as many people as possible,” Brown said.

Kevin Bruce and his family were inside at Round One bowling alley when the shooting happened.

“There were six bangs, we just thought it was part of the arcade making noises,” Bruce said. “A few minutes later, one of the girls who works here said there was a shooting in the mall and its locked down.”

According to Diehl, detectives believe the shooting started out as an argument over a pair of shoes during a shoe release.

Meanwhile, Bruce said he and his family were jarred when they saw LMPD responding and didn’t know right away what was going on.

“Looking out the gate from where we were bowling, we saw cops pulling through the mall like they were looking for someone,” Bruce said.

The owners of the Jefferson Mall, CBL Properties, did not comment and deferred to LMPD for information on the incident as the investigation is ongoing.

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