School officials prepare for hybrid learning in Muhlenberg Co.

School officials prepare for hybrid learning in Muhlenberg Co.

MUHLENBERG CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Students start hybrid learning on Monday in Muhlenberg County. Meanwhile, some students and staff are in quarantine.

“I wanted her to start, but I’m just not happy with how they don’t have recess and they have to wear masks, I just don’t want her first experience to be like that,” said Miranda Bunch, a Muhlenberg Co. public school parent.

The district says about 40 percent of students have chosen to continue learning virtually.

“Whenever there’s a case we have to trace back,” said Carly Embry, the school district’s relations specialist.

Currently, 33 students and 18 staff members are quarantining. Three staff members are involved in active cases.

School officials say these numbers could change by Monday. The grade level affected by quarantined staff members will continue with virtual learning.

“Those who ride the bus, they’re going to have a seating chart, we’re going to load from the back to the front," said Embry. "Every student will receive a temperature check before they get on the bus. If they’re a car rider, they’re going to sit in their car and get temperature checked. If they drive, they’ll be checked before they go into the building every day.”

The district is doing hybrid learning. Grades kindergarten through 12th will be split into two groups that rotate between in-person and online learning.

If a student doing virtual learning wants to return to school, they must wait until the 9-week grading period ends. That way the school can accommodate adding a student to the classroom and keep social distancing in line.

The district is working on creating a COVID-19 case number dashboard via the governor’s orders that must be up and running by September 28.

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