MSD of North Posey reported 4 COVID-19 cases since classes started a month ago

Officials: Plans are in place to keep everybody safe

MSD of North Posey reported 4 COVID-19 cases since classes started a month ago

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - It has been a month since North Posey schools opened, and they’ve put many plans in place to keep students and staff safe.

The Metropolitan School District of North Posey tells us COVID-19 was bound to pop up in one or more of their schools. It’s why they worked extensively on plans for what to do in those cases.

It’s important to the MSD of Noth Posey to be open and transparent about any cases they have had in their schools.

They share these cases on social media and do contact tracing with the help of the local health department.

Since reopening, they have reported at least four different cases. The school releases details on every case, stating if they used school transportation, when they were notified, and if they play sports.

School officials tell us this can be a stressful time to send your students back in a pandemic, which is why it is so important to them to reassure parents that they are working hard to keep students safe.

“I think the biggest issue is to relieve that fear that parents, students and staff have," said Associate Superintendent Michael Galvin. "We want to be transparent. We wanted our community to know that we’re addressing these issues. We’re trying to take all the precautions we can to keep our kids and staff as safe as possible. So as we began down this road, and we knew that this was going to happen, we knew that there would be cases that take place, we wanted to be as transparent as possible.”

School officials say they will continue to follow their original plans after every new case is reported.

Every classroom is disinfected regularly, and cleaning stations are in those rooms. They continue to practice social distancing and have students wear masks.

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