Evansville family vacationing on gulf coast survives, sings through Hurricane Sally

In Orange beach, AL

Evansville family vacationing on gulf coast survives, sings through Hurricane Sally

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As Hurricane Sally made landfall on the gulf coast, we are learning a Tri-State family was just miles away from where the storm first hit.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” Jewel Prather smiled.

A Category 2 hurricane at landfall. ‘Sally,’ which has turned into a tropical storm, has left behind heavy flooding.

Hundreds of thousands of people are without power.

“The building was shaking,” Pather recalled. “All of the piping systems were making this gurgling noise from the pressure. You could hear things on the roof. We’re on the 15th floor of our building, the very top floor, so I think that made it a little worse. The glass on the sliding glass door started shaking and then the water started coming in the doors.”

Jewel Prather of Evansville, her husband, two kids ages three and six, along with her in-laws got to Orange Beach, Alabama on Saturday.

“A lot of windows are broken; there was some underground parking that flooded,” Prather described. “The wind was so strong that it actually moved cars into other cars.”

Even as serious as the storm is, they are taking it to stride by putting a new twist on an old song: ‘Mustang Sally.’

“We’ve been joking about it the whole-time being Hurricane Sally, and so we started singing that song,” Prather joked.

The video posted to social media shows the couple on the balcony of their condo singing and dancing to a remix version of the Wilson Pickett hit.

“You’ve got to find the positive in everything,” Prather added. “Absolutely have to find the positive and just go with it.”

A vacation with a vivid memory.

“Bye, Sally, goodbye,” she sang.

Bridges are shut down and there has been a curfew, so it is not clear when they’ll be able to leave. The family is also without power and trying to conserve phone batteries but still took the time to talk to us Wednesday night.

We hope they make it home safely.

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