Dismembered body parts found in suitcases in Illinois

MARKHAM, Ill. (WBBM) - An Illinois family made a gruesome discovery when they found human body parts inside the suitcase of a relative who had just arrived on a bus from Kentucky.

Police Chief Terry White says the family did not know what was in the man’s bags, but became suspicious when he never unpacked and kept guarding his suitcases.

“There were some early reports of a foul odor coming from the bags,” White said.

The man left the house Tuesday morning and headed to a library, leaving his suitcases behind.

His family finally opened one suitcase.

“A human body part was discovered. They immediately backed away and called police," White said.

Police found several body parts of a woman and believe the crime happened in Kentucky.

“You see stuff like this on TV. You don’t see stuff like this from your across-street neighbor,” neighbor David Scott said.

Investigators from Louisville, Ky. and the FBI are looking into the case. The family is cooperating with the investigation.

The man has not been charged with a crime, but remained in police custody Tuesday night.

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