Perry Co. Small Business Micro-Grant Program awards over $12K to several local small businesses

Perry Co. Small Business Micro-Grant Program awards over $12K to several local small businesses
(Source: WFIE)

PERRY CO., Ind. (WFIE) - The Perry County Business and Industrial Development Corporation and Brick by Brick on Main awarded over $12,000 to more than 10 local businesses as part of the Perry County Small Business Micro-Grant Program.

According to a press release, the partnership was founded in an effort to help with the hard economic impacts that the coronavirus pandemic has had on local small businesses in the community.

The program was launched in August and was open to small businesses operating in Perry County with less than 25 employees.

“Over the past six months, we have watched as many of our local businesses have experienced the crushing economic blows of COVID-19 – forced closures due to State mandates, sudden and extreme income reductions, shifting market demands, inventory and supply chain shortfalls, canceled promotions and events,” said Erin Emerson, Executive Director of the Perry County Development Corporation. “The list goes on and on as do the long and short-term economic impacts. When our local small businesses are suffering, that is when our missions are more vital than ever.”

“As an organization focused on downtown development, we felt it was important to provide some type of relief for local small businesses,” said Jason Brown, Chairman of Brick by Brick on Main. “These are more than just businesses – these are dreams and livelihoods and they provide important services and amenities in our community.”

Program officials say funding was provided by the Perry County Community Foundation’s Rapid Response Funds and the United Way of Perry County’s Emergency Response Initiative.

Those funds may be used for approved business-related operational costs such as employee wages and benefits, accounts payable, inventory, rent, utilities, development of an e-commerce website as well as for purchasing PPE or other supplies.

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