Kentucky announces school COVID-19 dashboard

KY announces school COVID-19 dashboard

KENTUCKY (WFIE) - A new dashboard will aim to keep track of COVID-19 cases in schools across the Commonwealth.

In an emergency regulation issued Monday, Kindergarten through 12th-grade schools across Kentucky will soon receive guidance on how to report new cases to the state.

As part of the regulation, parents and guardians will have a 24-hour window to report positive cases to their child’s schools.

In turn, schools will be required to report all information about cases involving students, staff and faculty.

That informational be compiled into a dashboard that will provide an in-depth look into school reports.

That dashboard information will also be paired with a K-12 public health report, which will serve as a guideline for the sate on when action needs to be taken.

“If that positivity rate stays below six percent, local decision making comes into force for this. You look at that mat, and it tells you what actions you should pursue,” said Kentucky Public Health Commissioner Dr. Steven Stack.

All schools should begin submitting data to the state for that K through 12 dashboard by September 28, which is the recommended date for in-person classes by Governor Andy Beshear.

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