Exclusive: One of two people that tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting Evansville bar shares perspective

Each were at Chasers late Friday

Patron of Chasers Bar speaks out after testing positive for COVID-19

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Vanderburgh County Health Department, along with the Gibson and Posey County Health Departments say they have identified two confirmed cases of COVID-19 in patrons of Chasers Bar and Grill on Franklin St. in Evansville.

They were identified Saturday through local testing.

Health officials say the two people were at Chasers Bar and Grill from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. on the evening of September 11.

The Gibson County woman, who is now in quarantine, says her symptoms showed up on Saturday morning.

Her positive test result came Tuesday morning after a visit to the emergency room.

“I wouldn’t have gone. Nope. We honestly have not been out," said Jazmyne Langford. "We never had an engagement party. We were out celebrating that we finally set a date for our wedding.”

The health department says a second person, from Posey County, has also tested positive.

“Toward the end of the night, that whole part was packed," said Langford. "You could barely walk through there.”

The health department says it is in contact with Chaser’s management. We spoke briefly to the owner’s son. He shared a statement that reads: “Please know we sanitize our facility daily with a spray sanitizing solution as well as we continue to use paper and disposable products and to-go containers. We clean all surfaces hourly and when customers leave an area.”

“I mean there were crowds everywhere. There was a band that night,” said Langford.

The health department does not have any reason to believe the two visited any other bars that night. Officials say they were not wearing a face coverings or social distancing.

“They’re not going to know who has COVID when they walk through their doors. A lot of people are asymptomatic," said Joe Gries from the Vanderburgh County Health Department. "They’re doing everything they can with their employees, so they’re doing a really good job - it’s just maybe extending that to their patrons, asking them to social distancing, make sure they have things set up. If they have tables or a bar area, make sure people can separate as much as possible. If there’s a place where maybe people are congregating, have staff maybe talk to them as well.”

Joe Greis with the health department believes this is their first COVID incident. But it’s an experience that has made Jazmyne uneasy.

“Just wait. Just wait. Even if it’s your really good friends that you’ve been around before - just don’t do it,” said Langford.

All staff and patrons of Chasers Bar and Grill who were there during that time should monitor themselves for symptoms of COVID-19.

If you begin to feel ill, officials say you should stay home, except to seek medical attention and separate yourself from others. Testing is also available at local hospitals and through the Indiana State Department of Health.

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