Hands-on learning during a pandemic at Southern Indiana Career and Tech Center

Hands-on learning during a pandemic at Southern Indiana Career and Tech Center

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - As schools across the Tri-State try and get back to normal, there are many protocols they have to follow to keep students and staff safe. But what about a school that involves all hands-on work?

Students at the Southern Indiana Career and Technical School learn skills from all types of careers, from welding to what it’s like to work in TV and radio.

To understand careers like these, there are a lot of hands-on skills a student needs to know. That’s why this type of school cannot function with something like a virtual classroom - at least not easily.

We went into the classrooms and saw that students were wearing masks, socially distancing and for the real hands-on classrooms, they were also separated into individual cubbies.

We spoke with one instructor who told us about some of the changes in his classroom.

“Social distancing, we’ve had to remove some items we typically have in the classrooms, basically as the demonstration pieces," said Jim Niehaus, a precision machine instructor. "Out in the lab, I have to spread the students apart more. Constantly reminding them, social distancing, wear your masks. But they’ve done a great job because it’s new to them as well.”

The school tells us these types of skills are important for students to learn.

These students can leave highs school and go right into high paying jobs that help our community here in southwestern Indiana.

Students can apply to the school annually, and they are continually looking for female students in those skilled trade areas.

If your child is interested in learning more about these classes, you can visit the Southern Indiana Career and Technical Center’s website.

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