Frontier Community College reports COVID-19 spike

Frontier Community College reports COVID-19 spike

WAYNE CO., IL (WFIE) - In Illinois, Frontier Community College remains closed to the public after an increase of COVID-19 cases tied to the school’s baseball team.

Wayne County Health Officials first told 14 News on Monday that around 30 coronavirus cases in the county were tied to Frontier Community College’s baseball team.

Officials with the college said that those who tested positive are now quarantined.

FCC President, Jay Edgren, told 14 News Tuesday that quarantine is taking place in off-campus student housing, while those that tested negative were moved to a nearby hotel to prevent further infection.

With around 500 students attending classes in-person on-campus, Edgren says many precautions continue to be taken.

“Everything that we’re doing right now in this sort of emergency situation is really among our athletes, it’s off-campus," said Edgren. "I believe that the measures we’ve been doing all along have been very helpful from prohibiting it from coming on campus, every building is being disinfected daily and every classroom is being disinfected after every class.”

Fairfield Memorial Hospital conducted more testing Tuesday on student-athletes.

Players on the baseball team who initially tested negative were re-tested. Testing also took place for the volleyball and softball teams.

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