Evansville City Controller explains PSLIT fund

Updated: Sep. 15, 2020 at 6:49 PM CDT
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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The Public Safety Local Income Tax (PSLIT) has been helping to fund local safety efforts since 2016. A proposed amendment to the Evansville city budget could move a quarter million dollars out of the Public Safety Local Income Tax fund.

That money would be transferred to Evansville Police so that another quarter-million dollars could be transferred to Affordable Housing.

City Controller Russ Lloyd Jr says that the PSLIT mainly covers comp time buyback, overtime pay, and wage increases for the Evansville Fire and Police Departments.

There are some capital expenditures as well.

“In fact, in next year’s budget, we’ve got, I think $185,000 to upgrade the police tasers," said Lloyd Jr.

Also included is money for safety vests and protective gear for firefighters. However, it can also be used to fund safety efforts for events that are not budgeted for. President and Vice Presidential visits and protests for example.

Lloyd Jr. says they try to allocate all of it.

“There is some surplus in the fund but to just kind of grab $250,000 out of there, that could be a problem and we might be scrambling at the end of the year, either cutting costs or trying to find a way to make that up," said Lloyd Jr.

Lloyd Jr. did mention that the Affordable Housing Fund has been impacted by the pandemic but that other proposals have been made to assist.

“One of the problems this next year is our casino revenues are going to be down. So some of that money would have been used for Affordable Housing. Now, the mayor did propose $500,000 to go to the Affordable Housing Fund, and we think that is sufficient for them to get some things done," said Lloyd Jr.

Any transfers out of the Public Safety Local Income Tax fund have to be approved by the city council. The proposed budget for that fund in 2021 is about $6.5 million.

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