Some Daviess Co. students return to in-person learning after starting year off virtually

Updated: Sep. 14, 2020 at 7:55 AM CDT
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DAVIESS CO., Ky. (WFIE) - Students in Daviess County are set to head back to the classrooms Monday morning after the district started off virtually this year.

Although some will return to in-person learning, students will still have to keep those laptops handy because it’s not quite business as usual.

The district adopted a stoplight system to determine how the school should move forward. It started the school year off in red, which means everyone is virtual, but as of Monday, the district is officially on the orange status.

The orange status means kindergarten through eighth grade will head back to in-person learning on a hybrid schedule.

Half of the students move to in-person learning on Monday and Tuesday while the other half goes into the buildings on Thursday and Friday. Nobody goes to class on Wednesday so the staff can deep clean the building. The days students aren’t in the building, they continue their learning online.

High school students stay virtual for this orange level, but if the district moves to a yellow, everyone comes back on the hybrid schedule.

We spoke with Superintendent Matt Robbins about the stoplight model a few weeks ago.

“It’s great for us to get on a schedule and stay on a schedule, but we know that we want to be in-person and our teachers want to see our students,” Robbins said. “We know that the best learning happens in that case, so we are trying to get to that point.”

Students can expect changes this year. The Kentucky Department of Education notified schools that masks should be worn all day by staff and students except when eating.

Students are also greeted by a thermometer before coming into the building, and they may not be moving around as much. School officials tell us that teachers will be the ones moving from classroom to classroom instead of students.

If your child is heading off to class Monday, the school district recommends bringing a water bottle because water fountains won’t be used. We’re told they have water bottle stations for kids to fill up instead.

Some Daviess Co. students return to in-person learning after starting year off virtually - Part 2

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