Majority of Daviess Co. students head back to school

Majority of Daviess Co. students head back to school

DAVIESS CO., Ky (WFIE) - As K through 8 students in Daviess County mark the first day off their calendars, this new school year is a change for parents also.

Daviess County school officials say there are roughly 7,200 K-8 students enrolled in the district and about 1,200 have enrolled in the virtual academy.

“Just kind of roll with the punches, things change, and we’re just learning to adapt as we need to,” said Ashley Wedding, a Daviess County Public School parent.

The superintendent says their goal is to get everyone back in school five days a week. Before that happens, the number of positive cases of COVID-19 must come down.

“I think I’m a little nervous as a parent. My two kiddos are so ready to be back that we’re ready for today,” said Wedding.

Parents say they were a little nervous for their kids to return to school. However, they are happy to see them back inside the classroom learning.

“I think we just like the idea that we are getting to start small, and kind of get back to a little bit of our normal,” said Trina Page, Daviess County Public School parent.

Daviess County high school students will remain on virtual learning for now.

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