Red Cross looking for volunteers to fill its Disaster Action Team

Red Cross looking for volunteers to fill its Disaster Action Team

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - The American Red Cross is looking for volunteers to help address the many disaster response activities across the country.

The Red Cross says people are still suffering after Hurricane Laura slammed into east Texas and Louisiana, leaving thousands in emergency lodgings until they can return home. Thousands in the west have also been ordered to evacuate due to deadly wildfires.

Red Cross officials say they are working closely with partners to provide emergency lodgings, food, water, relief supplies and other support to individuals and families affected by the hardest-hit areas.

To support those affected by these disasters, the Red Cross has fast-tracked its Disaster Action Team (DAT) training and set up virtual delivery capabilities so new volunteers can learn basic response and recovery skills and quickly deploy to a disaster location.

Officials say before committing to training, disaster response volunteers should be willing and able to do the following:

• Accept a two-week deployment

• Live in a communal space (i.e., a shelter)

• Work 12 hours per day, 6-7 days each week.

“People depend on the Red Cross in times of need, and currently the needs are great. We’re strengthening our cadre of disaster responders so it is trained and ready to go,” said Chad Priest, Regional CEO of the American Red Cross—Indiana Region. “Kindness and compassion are the main job requirements for most of these roles. We can quickly teach everything else.”

To become a volunteer, click here. Anyone interested can also call the Red Cross at 888-684-1441.

We are told the Red Cross is also looking for two drivers.

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