Union Co. Jail to ’operate as closed’, County enters into agreement with Webster Co.

Union Co. Jail to ’operate as closed’, County enters into agreement with Webster Co.

MORGANFIELD, Ky (WFIE) - The Union County Fiscal Court voted Tuesday to enter into an agreement with Webster County to house prisoners. County officials said the Union County jail would operate as closed.

The agreement right now is six months, according to county officials. Union County Judge-Executive Adam O’Nan told 14 News that agreement means Union County’s jail would operate as closed and not housing prisoners. Their prisoners would go to Webster County.

In August, we reported Union County transferred 14 inmates to the Webster County Jail.

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“A lot of people don’t know how much money it takes to run a jail," Union County Judge-Executive Adam O’Nan said Tuesday. "Whether you’re small like Union county or you’re big like Henderson, the fees that come out of the county’s general funds are pretty big. It wasn’t a workable solution for us. It was draining our reserves down.”

Judge O’Nan says this move will cost them significantly less money than they were paying before.

“It will allow us to catch some real numbers and some real figures and data we can look at to see if in fact, this is the right decision," said Judge O’Nan. "All the folks that are making this decision want to do what’s best for the county. So this allows us the option to kind of feel our way through that. It’s workable, its a no-lose, and I’m excited we took this approach today.”

Webster County still has to sign the agreement, according to county officials.

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