Henderson Co. Schools start soft openings, allowing some students back in classrooms

Henderson Co. Schools start soft openings, allowing some students back in classrooms

HENDERSON CO, Ky. (WFIE) - Students at Henderson County Schools started a few weeks ago with non-traditional instruction, but on Tuesday, some will be heading back to their classrooms.

This soft opening is going to be very slow as the school district is only allowing students in groups of 10 at a time for 90 to 120 minutes. East Heights Elementary Principal Erika Odom said, “Our goal is to turn our obstacles into opportunities. We feel like this is an opportunity, being able to bring small groups in.”

Parents have been notified if their student is one who needs to come in for in-person learning. This is set aside for certain students with specific needs like reading and math intervention, mental health counseling and transition support.

Teachers are also reserving this time for students who they haven’t had much contact with during virtual learning.

Students will head back officially later this month on September 28. It will be a hybrid transition where students will be split into two groups.

All students will alternate between in-person instruction and non-traditional digital learning.

Group one will be heading back on Monday and Tuesday for in-person learning the week of September 28 and will do digital learning for the rest of the week.

Group two will do digital learning Monday through Wednesday and go back to in-person on Thursday and Friday of that week.

Students will be required to use their personal protective equipment such as masks when coming into school buildings.

As those groups of 10 came in the teachers and administration were excited to see them again in person for the first time really since March.

Dr. Bob Lawson will be the new Henderson Co. Schools Superintendent in December. He said, “That’s our teacher and staffs purpose in life. We’re all educators here, from superintendent, teacher, lunch cafeteria people, food service, custodians. We are all excited to see our kids today.”

The school wants parents to know they are working daily to make sure students who come back are staying safe for in person education.

Marganna Stanley is the current Henderson Co. Schools Superintendent. She said, “We’ve spent a lot of time putting procedures in place for cleaning and disinfecting and we have lots of PPE equiptment.”

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