Dubois Co. sees gradual decline in COVID-19 cases

Dubois Co. sees gradual decline in COVID-19 cases

DUBOIS CO., Ind. (WFIE) - Dubois County has seen a decline in COVID-19 cases. Although health department officials say the county is still seen by the state as having a moderate to high spread of COVID-19.

“So the state is taking the weekly cases per hundred thousand and the counties positivity rate and coming up with the color-coding of the counties,” said Shawn Werner, the Dubois Co. Health Dept. Administrative Director.

Indiana has three categories: Red, orange, and yellow. Red equals high spread, yellow is moderate spread. Just last week, Dubois County fell into the orange category right in the middle. Meaning there’s a moderate to high community spread of COVID-19.

“We have communication with the schools on a daily basis,” said Werner.

County health officials met with school leaders on Tuesday. They decided schools will continue to follow the same path they’ve been on since the beginning of the academic year.

“We feel like when they first started school, if they would have done the same exact statistics, we would have been in the red. So it’s kind of hard to justify going backwards from where we’re at now if we were worse off when we started so that’s why we’re sticking with the plan,” said Werner.

However, if a spike in case numbers happens, health officials say they would consider making changes to how schools are operating.

“We can see a lot of times through the contact tracing where they believe the cases came from and it’s not to the alarming fact to where a lot of these cases are coming from schools. We have some, but you’re never going to have zero,” said Werner.

On Wednesday, the state is supposed to release new county color-coding data.

“It’s kind of reassuring at this moment that we’re not seeing a large increase in schools. If that happens, we will take that into consideration when it comes,” said Werner.

Dubois County health officials believe the county will stay in orange or drop down to yellow because of the gradual decline they’ve seen over the last couple of weeks.

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