Posey Co. farmer wins award

Posey Co. farmer wins award

POSEY CO., Ind. (WFIE) -A Posey County Farmer is recognized as the Master Farmer of the Year here in Indiana.

It’s a prestigious award only given to four farmers across the state every year.

Jim Droege and his wife Carol have been serving the community for 50 years.

It came as no surprise to us that Droege won this award as we have highlighted some of the other things Jim and Carol have done for thier community.

In 2016 Jim got stuck in a grain bin while working with his brother Paul.

This led Jim and his brother to work with Purdue University to create a safety video that would be seen by farmers across the country.

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It is his passion to bring awareness to both the necessity and the dangers of farming to other farmers.

Several people in the Hoosier state came together to make sure the Droeges were recognized for their hard work.

“The award is given to somebody who has a career behind them. Not saying they’re retired by any means, but they’ve had many years of experience on the farm, giving back to the community,” said Purdue Extension Educator Hans Schmitz.

Another reason the Droeges have been recognized for the work they have done is a program they helped found called “Partners in Food.”

This program involves community farmers donating meat to local food pantries to feed people in need in Posey County.

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