Princeton holds downsized Labor Day parade

Princeton holds downsized Labor Day parade

PRINCETON, Ind. (WFIE) - The Labor Day Association held its 134th annual Labor Day Parade Monday morning in Gibson County. The celebration may have been smaller, due to the pandemic, but the community pride was just a large.

“Honoring all working men and women of the Tri-State area,” says Charlie Wyatt, mayor of Boonville and past president of the LDA. “That’s what this is all about.”

Officials say the typical four-day event was instead just a small parade Monday morning. There were no bands, food trucks or speeches in front of large crowds this year, but the message on Labor Day 2020 was the same as it’s always been.

“It’s important that we show that we can continue to support labor,” says Jarrod Skelton, treasurer of the LDA. “This is a tradition that we cannot and will not break.”

This year’s floats belonged to dues-paying members of the Labor Day Association, escorted by the Princeton Police and Fire Department. They made their way from the Gibson County Fairgrounds to Main Street on the Princeton square, where they were greeted by a few socially-distant families.

“Even though is hasn’t been quite the year for everyone,” says Kate Mullen, a resident of Gibson County. “It’s just been spectacular to thank those who have worked really hard to make it to what it’s been.”

Officials say the original, weekend-long celebration was slated to have free carnival rides and food booths and much more.

“It’s unfortunate,” says Skelton. “We wish we didn’t have to downsize, but the most important thing is that we’re able to continue the tradition.”

As for Labor Day 2021 -

“Bigger and better,” says Wyatt. “We will be going bigger and better next year. Look for us.”

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