Warrick Co. Schools cotinue to fight off COVID-19

Bosse-Castle football game canceled following positive COVID-19 test

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) - As of Friday afternoon, 66 students in the Warrick Co. School Corporation are under quarantine protocol after being considered close contact to students who have tested positive for the virus.

”That doesn’t mean all 66 of those kids have the virus. That just means they were considered to be close contact, so they are quarantined for the appropriate time,” said Superintendent Brad Schneider.

That number could go up after contact tracing is complete on that case from the football team.

We’re told that player currently attends classes virtually.

Schneider also says, as of Friday, 13 students and four staff members have tested positive the whole year.

”The mitigation plan which we’re following very closely is working as well. We can take the fact that we have not seen a big number as proof that the mitigation plan and the safety plan are working,” Schneider said.

Schneider says the first week back to school they saw a significant amount of students who wanted to try the virtual option, but now the district is staying consistent with the amount of students virtual and back to school physically.

”We’re staying pretty consistent, around the 16 to 17 percent of our student population is choosing the virtual or live streaming options,” Schneider said.

The Superintendent says Warrick County Schools are continuing to be properly sanitized, which is making them the safest they can be for staff and students.

”Our buses, for instance, are misted twice a day. Once the kids are dropped off at school they get misted. Once the students are dropped at home, they’re misted a second time. Each classroom is misted each day,” Schneider said.

Schneider also says teachers are devoting longer hours to make sure students are comfortable learning, whichever way they choose.

”Our teachers are working extremely hard putting in long hours... So my hat is off to them,” Schneider said.

The Superintendent says because the student on the football team who tested positive is a virtual learning student, they’re not expecting those quarantine numbers to increase that much.

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