Owensboro teacher hosts student lunch and learn picnics

Teacher hosts student lunch and learn picnics

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Adapting to virtual learning can take some getting used to for students and teachers. To make sure her students are set up with all the tools they need, an Owensboro Public Schools teacher is going above and beyond

Meggan Clark, a teacher at Owensboro Innovation Middle School, is finding a new way to connect with her students.

“What we’re doing today is this is the learning lunch and picnics,” Clark said.

Every Wednesday, the teacher invites students to come by the school for a socially distanced picnic.

“They can come in and meet with me, some of their other teachers are here and can meet with them, answer questions that they may have,” Clark said. “As you can see, all the kids bring their own blankets and they spread out through our outdoor classroom.”

While the students enjoy a lunch provided by the school cafeteria, Clark makes her rounds - checking in with each student.

“They actually can come and ask those questions that maybe they were too embarrassed to ask during the virtual meeting time, or they may just have questions that popped up later,” Clark said.

Seventh-grader Zane Biever says learning lunch and picnics help him with hands-on lessons he has trouble with at home.

“I come out just to have a good place to do my work. It’s easy because I can go see my teachers whenever I need them, and I can ask some questions,” Biever said.

Clark says she’s hoping to continue doing this once a week.

“It’s so nice to be able to see the kids and meet with them because now we’re building that bond even more of trust and they know that they can email me or call me or text me and say, ’Hey Ms. Clark, I have a question’ and if I can’t answer it good enough through email, then they’re able to come here and I can actually show them,” Clark said.

The teacher says learning lunch and picnics will be open for students to sign up for every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. She says all Innovation Middle School students are welcome.

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