Henderson Co. schools are one step closer to in-person classes

Henderson Co. schools are one step closer to in-person classes

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Students in Henderson County are one step closer to returning to the classroom, at least for short periods. It’s part of the district’s reopening plan that works in phases.

This will be available in groups of 10, and it starts on Tuesday, September 8. This allows for additional instruction between 90 and 120 minutes a day.

This opportunity will continue during non-traditional (online) learning. School leaders say 70 special education students have been brought in this week that receive multiple services.

Other services offered are expected to start on the 8th are for reading and math intervention, mental health counseling, kindergarten, 6th and 9th-grade transition support, those enrolled in AP classes, English learner screeners and services, gifted and talented students, and students with whom teachers have had minimal or no contact through NTI days.

Henderson schools are planning to move to a hybrid option on September 28, but it could come before then.

”They know best how to do that,” Board chair Lisa Baird said about the administrators. “We’re just the yes and no people backing them up. So, yeah, it will be fine. But, I’m excited. We need our kids back in class just like we need them back on the field.”

Students will be required to use their personal protective equipment such as a mask when coming into school buildings, among other safety measures. The district is still working out bus schedules and transportation during this period.

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Each school will be contacting their families.

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