EVSC officials speak on substitute COVID-19 training

EVSC officials speak on substitute COVID-19 training

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - Parents with students in the EVSC have expressed concerns over sending their children back to school, some citing issues with COVID-19 training.

Parents have expressed their concerns over substitute teachers not having the same COVID-19 training as the regular teachers.

After talking to EVSC officials, they say the substitute teachers do receive up to date COVID-19 training.

Officials say since substitute teachers play such a crucial role with school day operation, safety precautions were apart of their onboard training.

”All of that information is made available to them. There’s an on-boarding process so that they’re very familiar when they go into a school, or as many subs go to one school or another, they’re familiar with the processes to make sure everyone including the sub stays as safe as possible,” Jason Woebkenberg, EVSC’s Chief Communication Officer said.

EVSC officials say the training between substitutes and regular teachers is a little different but nothing major that diminishes their COVID-19 training.

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