Daviess County Public Schools release date for 1st phase of in-person learning

Daviess County Public Schools adopts COVID-19 level risk model

Daviess County Public Schools release date for 1st phase of in-person learning

Daviess County, KY. (WFIE) - Daviess County Public Schools have been using a stoplight system to illustrate the risk-level for COVID-19.

So far, they’ve been operating under red, which means all students learn from home. Superintendent Matt Robbins says he is keeping his eyes on how many cases are popping up within the surrounding community.

“In general we are looking at what is going on in the community because if the virus is in the community, which it is, its going to make its way into the schools, I mean that’s inherent,” said Robbins.

The goal is to get to green, which would allow all students back inside the buildings five days per week. Yellow would implement the A/B model schedule, where half of students, Group A, would return for two days per week and the other half in Group B would return later in the week for two days. Now, orange has been added between red and yellow.

DCPS officials say they will be starting with the orange level of the stoplight model on Monday, September 14.

“It’s still a variation of the A/B model where we would go pre-k through 8 with the A/B schedule. The high school remain at distant learning,” said Robbins.

This is all in alignment with the Harvard Global Health Institute’s COVID-19 risk level model. In order to move from red to orange, the number of positive coronavirus cases in the community during a week’s time would need to drop between 10-24 per 100,000.

“It’s great for us to get on a schedule and stay on a schedule but we know that we want to be in person and our teachers want to see our students. We know that the best learning happens in that case... so we are trying to get to that point,” said Robbins.

Robbins says four staff members and one student have tested positive for coronavirus. 27 students and 26 staff members are under a two-week quarantine.

Daviess County Public Schools adopt option that could bring some in-person learning back

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