Owensboro Public Schools board approves participation in fall sports

Owensboro Public Schools board approves participation in fall sports

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro Public Schools decided to follow the recommendations from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, which means football games could kick off two weeks from Friday.

This measure approved by board members on Thursday also relates to other extracurricular activities.

School board member Dr. Jeremy Luckett is pushing for the district “to get back to as much normal as possible.”

Luckett supports the KHSAA’s direction related to athletics and his opinions were backed by other board members, including Melissa Decker.

Although attending school is mandatory, Decker pointed out both sports and extracurricular activities are optional.

“The children do not have to be involved if their parents do not feel safe, or if the children do not feel safe,” Decker shared.

Board member Michael Johnson shared concerns over testing and how many fans would be allowed in the venues.

After some discussion, the board approved participation in KHSAA and Kentucky Music Educators Association (KMEA) activities during COVID 19.

“Our board here focused a lot on the fine arts aspect,” district spokesperson Jared Revlett said. “We have a great fine arts program and those kids in marching band, orchestra or choir - they all do those things because they love it and because it provides an opportunity to get to college, and an opportunity they may not get otherwise.”

“There’s a chance at a future,” Decker added. “It may be a scholarship. It may be academic help that they wouldn’t get otherwise. Could be anything. But, they’re there because there is a chance at a better future than they were going to have before.”

This would allow even high contact sports, such as football, to begin on September 11.

On Friday, the Kentucky Board of Education will weigh-in on fall sports in the Commonwealth.

According to the agenda, the Board will discuss the KHSAA’s decision to proceed with them.

A spokesperson says that KBE officials received 12,000 phone calls over a six-hour period on Thursday.

The special meeting is scheduled to begin at 11 a.m. CST in Frankfort.

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