Madisonville doctor opens classroom inside dentist office

Madisonville doctor opens classroom inside dentist office

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WFIE) - With many students learning from home this fall, some Tri-State parents have to manage a full-time job on top of their child’s non-traditional instruction schedule. However, one business in Hopkins County found a unique way to make it work.

“As a business owner and a dentist, I was going to change my schedule,” said Dr. Suzanne Spencer of Pebble Creek Family Dentistry. “And then the more I thought about it, I thought, it doesn’t affect just my schedule and my family. It affects all of our staff members.”

Dr. Spencer had her staff in mind when she transformed the vacant basement of her practice into a full-functioning, three-classroom school for kids K-through-12.

Her team needed a place for their children to learn, while also keeping the doors open at the office. This was the answer.

“It’s really nice to have this space open for us to use as a school,” said Molly Spencer, a sixth-grade student.

The “school” is fully equipped with its own teacher, Miss Janice, as the kids call her. She is a retired teacher from Pride Elementary School with more than 30 years of experience.

“I can get them better prepared for their future in the classroom whenever they get to go back,” says Janice Glover.

“We haven’t really gotten to see our teachers at school,” said Molly. “So it’s nice to have Miss Janice.”

With three children of her own, one in each classroom, Dr. Spencer says Miss Janice is able to work with each student individually, with the help of the office staff. They have 17 students in all.

“The older kids, they are more independent,” said Dr. Spencer. “They just really need the space for the internet access.”

For younger students, like Bennett who is starting Kindergarten, he gives the help two thumbs up.

“But it’s just peace of mind knowing they are getting some enrichment, they’re learning, they are still plugging into their online school, but they’re still doing a nontraditional form,” Dr. Spencer said.

“Now I am going to know each one of these kids and each one of their families,” Miss Janice told us. “It’s just going to be a bigger part of me.”

Dr. Spencer said the idea for the classroom started more than a month ago to help her staff plan for the fall. She encourages other businesses to the same.

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