1st day for Owensboro Catholic Schools starts in-person

1st day for Owensboro Catholic Schools starts in-person

OWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - It’s back to school for students who attend Owensboro Catholic Schools.

They’re the first school system in our Kentucky viewing area to head back in-person.

School officials tell us they are excited more than anything to have these kids back in the classrooms for their faith-based learning.

Students at OCS will be wearing a mask at all times during the school day, including in the classrooms, desks are socially distanced, and they are working on putting plastic shields up at every desk.

Temperature checks will also be required for every student before they can enter for the school day.

The administration understands that wearing a mask all day can be difficult for children, so they are offering mask breaks.

These steps are what they hope will ensure the safety of every student during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The school says they have already seen the excitement of coming back from families.

“We’ve had some meet our teacher nights in the last couple of nights,” said Keith Osborne, chief administrative officer. “We’ve spread those attending out over several hours so that we could control the number of people in the building. Every one of the kids and parents were just really excited and very thankful and appreciative that we’ve been able to get to this point.”

Lunch practices will also be changing. They are asking that no food is shared during lunchtime and students are able to bring their own lunches to school.

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