INDOT to install Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

INDOT to install Intersection Conflict Warning Systems

INDIANA (WFIE) - The Indiana Department of Transportation will start installing the first Intersection Conflict Warning Systems (ICWS) next week in several locations across the state. 

According to the Federal Highway Administratio, they reduce severe crashes by up to 20 to 30 percent.

The systems alert drivers of oncoming traffic at two-way, stop-controlled intersections. 

The system detects vehicles with an under the pavement trigger system. 

Drivers should use the lights as a warning that traffic could be approaching on a major road or turning onto a major road from a minor road.

Installations are scheduled to begin Monday, August 31 and continue into late spring of 2021.

In the Southwest district, the intersections are

  • S.R. 70 and S.R. 275
  • S.R. 65 and Boonville/New Harmony Rd 
  • S.R. 45 and S.R. 54

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