More EVSC students returning to class

More EVSC students returning to class

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) - It’s round two for the EVSC Monday morning.

Students with the last names K through Z will be in class for the first time.

It's all in an effort to slowly get students comfortable with the changes in and out of the classroom during this pandemic.

EVSC is one of the few that is doing this split reopening plan. That’s because they have about 22,000 students and is the third largest school corporation in the state of Indiana.

Last week, students with the first names A through J headed back for three days.

All students will attend for the first time together on Thursday.

Face masks are required at all times if a student is riding the bus. They are also required in the school when social distancing isn’t an option.

EVSC says masks cannot include slogans or phrases or vulgarities. Also scarves and bandannas are not an alternative to a face mask.

EVSC’s superintendent Dr. Smith spoke about how the first week went on their podcast, and he gave some insight about how this week could look.

“Many folks have said this is the best start we’ve ever had. There are some common themes that have rolled through it, students and teachers alike. The fact that we have this soft opening, so much less stress. Teachers are less stressed, students are clearly less stressed. I’ve heard over and over again from parents that hey my kids are coming home, they’re happy. They love their teachers. I think the soft opening, the staggered start if you will, has really allowed our teachers to focus on each individual student,” said Dr. Smith.

Plaza Parks principal telling us they have already learned so much in their three days back. “Kind of giving a hard look at all the things we do and say, ‘Is this really the best way for us to eat lunch? Is this really the best way for us to travel in the hallway? Begin to look at, what is best for the kids in this time and maybe even after this. Some of these routines and protocols will stay with us just because they make sense now,” said Plaza Park principal, Tamara Skinner.

EVSC is urging parents to help them make this a successful in person year.

They are asking parents to screen their students and look for things like a high temperature, sore throat or cough.

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